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Liberty Mutual Insurance was created in 1912 as a workers’ compensation provider in Massachusetts. Liberty Mutual is a mutual company, meaning its policyholders are owners and are entitled to a share of its profits. They offer a variety of insurance options, such as life, property, and auto. If you are considering Liberty Mutual car insurance, read on to get more information on coverage options, their monthly rates, and discounts.

Liberty Mutual Coverage OptionsAccording to Bankrate, Liberty Mutual provides many basic coverage options and some specialty options that include:

Accident Forgiveness: With this coverage, your monthly rates won’t increase after your first accident, provided you have been accident-free within the last five years.Better Car Replacement: Better car replacement will reimburse you for a car one year newer and 15,000 fewer miles than your totaled vehicle covered under this policy.Deductible Fund: This option allows you to pay $30 a month into a fund to lower your deductible. The nice thing about this plan is that Liberty Mutual will contribute $70 to the fund each month. New Car Replacement: This coverage will reimburse the cost of a new vehicle equal to the value of your car when it was new, rather than the depreciated value. Your car must be totaled within the first model year and have less than 15,000 miles to be eligible. GAP Insurance: GAP insurance will pay the difference between what you owe on your lease or loan and the actual cash value of your totaled vehicle. Roadside Assistance: Liberty Mutual’s roadside assistance is a 24-hour service that includes flat tire replacement, battery replacement and jump starts, refueling, locksmiths, and towing.Medical Coverage: Liberty Mutual offers medical payment coverage and personal injury protection in some states. These policies pay for medical bills and other medically related costs that have resulted from a traffic accident. Uninsured Motorist Coverage: This insurance will cover your medical bills and property damage when the at-fault party does not have insurance or their insurance is insufficient. Some states may require this coverage as a part of their state’s minimum car insurance. Rental Car Reimbursement: This coverage reimburses you for a rental vehicle that was used while yours was in the shop. Original Parts Replacement: Original parts replacement pays for repairs using only original manufactured parts whenever available. Liability Coverage: This insurance type includes bodily injury liability and property damage liability. This policy pays for the cost of injuries or property damage when you are at fault for a traffic accident.Comprehensive Coverage: Comprehensive insurances pay for damage to your vehicle caused by events outside of the driver’s control including, weather, theft, vandalism, or striking an animal. This coverage is typically subject to a deductible.Collision Coverage: Collision coverage pays to repair or replace your vehicle if you collide with another vehicle or a static object such as a tree or fence.Lifetime Repair Guarantee: Liberty Mutual will guarantee the lifetime of repairs when using auto repair shops approved by the company. Personal Property Coverage. This coverage offers a reimbursement of up to $2500 if your personal effects are damaged in a traffic accident.Experian found Liberty Mutual can provide coverage for a wide range of vehicles. Here are a few of your options:

MotorcyclesBoats and watercraftClassic or antique carsAll-terrain or off-road vehiclesRVsLiberty Mutual Car Insurance RatesRegardless of the level of coverage you’re seeking, Liberty Mutual has some of the highest rates out there. Rates for full coverage car insurance are closer to the average than its minimum coverage policies, though they still run on the more expensive end.

Here are the monthly rates for Liberty Mutual car insurance by driver type, according to ValuePenguin:

Standard driver: $179 for basic coverage and $282 for full coverage.Driver with an accident: $205 for basic coverage and $323 for full coverage.Driver with an at-fault accident: $222 for basic coverage and $346 for full coverage.Car insurance rates will change depending on your location. Maine has the lowest monthly rates at $121, while Louisiana residents pay $430 per month, making them the most expensive state to purchase car insurance from Liberty Mutual.

Take a look at the monthly rates for Liberty Mutual car insurance by state per Insurify.

Alabama: $245Arizona: $206Arkansas: $219California: $135Colorado: $267Connecticut: $244Delaware: $287Florida: $307Georgia: $217Idaho: $129Illinois: $178Indiana: $161Iowa: $153Kansas: $252Kentucky: $231Louisiana: $430Maine: $121Maryland: $266Massachusetts: $208Michigan: $371Minnesota: $151Mississippi: $281Missouri: $210Nebraska: $171Nevada: $372New Hampshire: $136New Jersey: $252New Mexico: $195New York: $401Ohio: $133Oklahoma: $224Oregon: $184Pennsylvania: $168Rhode Island: $376South Carolina: $244Tennessee: $185Texas: $283Utah: $197Vermont: $117Virginia: $193Washington: $271Washington D.C.: $221West Virginia: $147Wisconsin: $157Liberty Mutual DiscountsLiberty Mutual offers a ton of fantastic car insurance discounts that could lower your monthly premiums dramatically.

These are a few of the discount options offered by Liberty Mutual:

Advance Shopper DiscountDriving Training DiscountRightTrack DiscountAnti-Theft Device DiscountGood Student DiscountPassive Restraint DiscountOnline Quote DiscountMultiple Vehicle DiscountAnti-lock Brake DiscountEV/Hybrid DiscountMultiple Policy DiscountOrganization DiscountSenior Adult Discount TeenSMART DiscountPreferred Payment DiscountPolicy Update/Extension DiscountNew Graduate DiscountNewlywed DiscountPaperless Documents DiscountPaid in Full DiscountClaims Free Renewal Discount Accident-Free DiscountElectronic Stability ControlStudent Away at School DiscountMilitary DiscountHome Owner DiscountMultiple Policy DiscountSafety Feature DiscountAccident Prevention Course DiscountByMile DiscountNew Teen Driver DiscountOnline Documents DiscountEarly Shopper DiscountLiberty Mutual has been a reliable source of auto insurance for more than 100 years. If you’re looking for an insurance provider with a lot of history and premier customer satisfaction, look no further than Liberty Mutual. Head online and get a free quote today!

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