Types of Off road trucks and 4×4 Bus
Off road vehicles especially trucks are used very often in the various industries like pipeline, construction and mining. They are also used quite often for civil contracts and in the rail industry as well. 4 x 4 buses are also becoming a very popular concept. They can be hired and used for any kind of activity that required a 4 wheel drive.

Crane trucks
Crane trucks are very popular off road trucks in the construction industry. These trucks come with a flatbed onto which a crane is then mounted. The crane is front mounted. In addition to this the truck can also be used as a flatbed for other activities. The truck comes with a water tank and a tool box that is placed under the body and is air-conditioned. The transmission is manual.
Trench fillers and water trucks
These off road trucks are perhaps most seen in the construction industry, especially where projects like pipelines, tunnels and bridges etc are being constructed. They are heavy duty vehicles and can be used to transport huge amounts of sand / mud or water to any place no matter how difficult the terrain might be. These trucks generally come with auto transmission and are air-condition vehicles.

6 x 6 trucks for fuel and water
The 6 x 6 off road trucks are excellent for moving water or fuel from one place to another. In fact they are large enough to be called tankers. This category of trucks can be used specifically for fuel or water or as a service truck where both fuel and water are transported. The specifications of the truck will vary slightly depending on its use. In general the vehicles come with automatic transmission, air conditioning and pumps that are hydraulically operated.

4 x 4 buses
A 4 x 4 bus has plenty of advantages. Mainly used for transporting people, it comes in handy when transporting crew to project sites that are off road or located in terrain that is difficult to access in normal transportation. These buses come in varying sizes. 10, 12, 17, 21 and 25 are the commonly available seating capacity options. The buses have manual transmission and are air conditioned as well. In order to provide additional safety, all the variants come with seating that is fixed and faces the front of the bus. All seats have seat belts.