Top 5 Must Visit Places In Indonesia

Indonesia is the world’s biggest archipelago, containing thousands of islands. The country is a collection of many different local places of interest. Tourism in Indonesia is highly developed, including a wide range of tourist destinations, and excellent luxury hotels and hotel packages.

The selection of places to visit is vast, including many fascinating and unique sites and areas of interest. Indonesia is a big place, and the tourist is confronted with infinite possibilities of combinations of places to see and things to do.

This is a selection of five of the best and most dazzling of Indonesia’s tourist paradises:


Java is the main island of Indonesia, in terms of population and development. It’s also one of the most unusual tourist destinations in the world. There are some extraordinary things to see in Java:

Borobodur Temple, the ancient Buddhist Mahayana monument. This is one of the great classics of Buddhist art, with no less than 504 Buddha statues and 2,672 relief panels.

Prambanan Temple, the Hindu Temple near Yogyakarta, a masterpiece of Hindu workmanship 47 metres tall, the equal of its Indian equivalents.

At the western tip of Java is the volcano Anak Krakatau, the “Child of Krakatoa”.


Sumatra is Indonesia’s big western island. It’s a very diverse place with many different environments and a priceless wildlife heritage which trying hard to survive the strain of modern times. Sumatra retains much of its ancient heritage and culture. It’s common to see ancient ways of life and fishing boats next to new four wheel drives and sleek modern power boats.


Bali, one of the world’s legendary tourist destinations, is the global traveler’s classic must see destination. Bali resorts are famous for their high quality, particularly in the Nusa Dua and Jimbaran areas of the island.

People don’t just “like”Bali, they love it. Each beach and resort has its own admirers, and the regular visitors come back many times. Bali’s reputation is based on a mix of its natural beauty, the fabulous holiday lifestyle, and a personal affinity. Everyone has “their” personal Bali. It’s one of the few places in the world where tourists care as much as locals about preserving the natural charm of the region.


Kalimantan, formerly known as Borneo, is the big northern island, a wild area famous in colonial times for its wild jungles and their fierce inhabitants, the Dayaks. This is a truly incredible, magical place. You can see orangutans in their natural environment, go on river cruises up wild rivers, trek through one of the world’s great jungles, and see a real traditional longhouse and the famous Dayak dragon.


Sulawesi is the large, island with four big peninsulas east of Kalimantan. The island is divided into North Sulawesi and South Sulawesi. This island is famous for its diving experiences. Sulawesi has a range of marine environments, including beautiful beaches. Inland, it has fabulous Lake Linow, and an active volcano, Mt. Soputan.

Indonesian holidays combine all the best elements of tourism; Excitement, exotic places, and real luxury.

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