If you are planning to get the car for rent in Singapore or Singapore limousine, during your vacations in the country, then you need to know what you have to do to make sure that your car is safe at the roads. It is no doubt important to protect the car you have hired; so to help you out, we have come up with few tips that will make you take care of the car at the road.

Manage hiding or loading stuffs carefully
You ought to be careful with handling the stuffs that you want to hide or load in the trunk. No doubt, you have to hide the valuable items in the trunk, but you have to do this without letting anyone know. So, to avoid showcasing what you are loading or hiding, it is better to do before you reach the destination like parking lots, valet queue, etc. You can manage this before even beginning your trip.

Make wise selection of parking space
Parking space can decide whether your car will be safe or can it would be robbed. You have to make sure that the car you have parked is in sight from different places. Always remember that if the car is out of sight, then it is out of safety. Park the car at places which have maximum foot traffic or eyeball count, so that there are less chances of the car being robbed.

Prefer to self-park
Attendants at the parking lots or at valet parking garages are in most cases trustworthy. Still, you should be careful and do not make it to easy or tempting for them, to steal the car. Therefore, if possible, prefer to park the car on the own.

A neat car have less chances of being robbed:
If you havent stuffed the car with extra towels, clothes, papers etc. then there would be lesser interest of the thief in your car. Try not to attract the interest of the thieves and keep your car neat & clean, otherwise the thief might think that you have tried to hide something with the upholstery.

Be careful when renting the car:
When you rent a car, then you need to be take care of certain points, which are:

It is a good decision to rent a car, which is not so easy to break or expose off. Also, it is better if you pick the car having big trunk, in which you can keep your stuffs carefully & safely.
If your pick is an ordinary & modest model of car, then you would be successful in not attracting the interest of the thief.
Always make sure that you do not leave your rental contract or documents in the car. This document will help you, as it has all the information, you would require if the car is stolen, and it also has the same information, which would help the thief to escape the situation if caught taking your car.