Thinking Of Taking A European Road Trip

It could be easier and cheaper than you think to enjoy a tour throughout Europe if you take to the road! A road trip also provides a lot more freedom than travelling by plane or train because it enables you to get to many locales that are not easily accessible by any other means or that you may not consider seeing normally.

There are a few practicalities that should be taken care of before the trip however:

Make sure passports are in hand, as they will be needed at every border.
All European rental companies require a valid drivers license (and some countries require an international driving permit if you hold a US licence. Permits are available through the American Auto Association.)
Also, check that the your health insurance will continue to provide coverage overseas (as well as completing your EHIC European Health Insurance Card )
Contact your credit card companies, and establish a budget.

Following through with each of these preparatory steps will make the entire experience much more enjoyable.

Now, it is time to plan the trip. In this brief example, the road trip will take a tour through the United Kingdom, to France, Switzerland, Northern Italy, Austria, Germany, and Holland, the lesson here being be sure to have a loose itinerary and book a few hostels before leaving.

The trip begins in the United Kingdom, which makes it necessary to take a ferry to the mainland. There are many ports along the coast of England and France, (plus a boat ride across the English Channel is an added adventure in and of itself).

Once in France, you might like to take the time to drive to a few sites. One such destination is Mont Saint Michel, an impressive fortress just off the coast of Normandy and Brittany. There are many other attractions that might be of interest, such as wine tasting and castle tours in the Loire Valley (for some incredible WW2 history) or exploring the quaint medieval town of Strasbourg.

While exiting France youll find yourself cruising through Switzerland, and there are many breathtaking natural sights to take in; luxurious chocolates to sample, historical sites to explore and fine beers to drink!. The gorgeous Lake Lucerne offers stunning views of limestone peaks and the reflective beauty of the pristine lake.

Next, you can wind down through Northern Italy, with its rustic food and rolling golden hills. While Venice may not be the most automobile friendly city in Europe, there is still plenty of scenery and history that can be enjoyed during the trip through Northern Italy.

After traversing Italy, you can come up through Europe once more by arriving in Austria. This small German-speaking country is steeped in history and its countryside is truly magnificent, but modern culture is also flourishing in the cities. From Austria, the road takes you up to Germany where a trek down the Rhine will offer fairy-tale castles and internationally renowned wine tasting.

Finally, the adventure ends in Holland. There are ferries along the coast that will take the weary road traveller back to UK, officially ending the tour of Western Europe.

There are many reasons to take to the road when travelling through Europe and many adventures to be had, whether going by yourself or taking escorted holidays. It can be accomplished much more cheaply than taking a plane or train, but this form of travel also enables you to experience much more.

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