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The Us Car Rental Market Is Expected To Grow At A Cagr Of 5.25% In The Next 5 Years

The market in the long run is expected to be more efficient with players moving towards the car sharing market in the densely populated areas such as Washington DC, New York and others. Additionally, opaque and online car rental segment will gain momentum with several leisure travelers switching to online reservations for relatively cheap rentals. The reduced fleet size and efficient yield management policy adapted by the players will also certainly change the course of the operations of the US car rental industry in the long run. It is expected that the market will grow at a CAGR of 5.25% in the next 5 years and will reach USD ~ million by 2015.
The future projections are presented along with the cause and effect relationship between the market and several industry and macro-economic indicators providing an insight on the prospects in the US car rental market.
The car rental market in the US is a mature market which was valued at USD ~ million with ~ million cars in service in 2010. The market has consolidated over the period with a wave of several mergers and acquisitions which has strengthened the position of few players and has created complexities for the new entrants due to high initial costs and reduced economies of scale. The US car rental market is predominantly dependent on the behavior of the travelers. Total visitors using car rental services has risen from ~ thousand in 2005 to ~ thousand in 2010 propelling the growth of the US car rental market.
Key Topics Covered in the Report:
The market size of the US car rental industry and its segments including on-airport, off-airport, domestic and overseas car rental travelers, online/opaque car rental market on the basis of revenue, users and cars in services
Market segmentation of the US car rental industry and its segments
Recent trends and developments in the industry
Competitive landscape/ market share of the various players operating in the country in off-airport, on-airport and total car rental market
Future outlook and projections along with the cause and effect relationship between the market and industry factors on the US car rental industry
Company profiles of major car rental agencies including company overview, business strategies, financial and operating performance and SWOT analysis
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Fly Drive Usa Option For Travellers

The United States Of America is a favourite holiday destination. Fair enough, the USA holds countless attractions for the varying tastes of tourists. Whatever it is that sparks up your interest will be waiting for you at the USA.

If you are planning to explore and get around America, you may have already searched for ways to do it. You may have come across the Fly Drive USA option. For seasoned travellers, this is an easy option. But for newbies, you may have a hard time deciphering what a fly drive USA option is.

Introduction To Fly Drive Option

The fly drive option allows you to fly to a particular destination for this case, the United States Of America and then you can drive to get around the place. You can visit as many places as you want and your travel will be very flexible. The good thing about fly drive option is that you will be in control of your own travel. It would be easier for you to explore a particular place if you drive around it.

If you are going to a place with loads of attraction, the fly drive option is an excellent choice. You can drive from one attraction to another with ease. In the United States, Florida and Las Vegas are the popular destinations for fly drive option. There are so many things to see and do in these cities and it pays off that you have a car to use.

Another option that you have is to fly from one airport to the USA, drive around to different places, and afterwards, you can drop off the car to a particular location and fly from a different airport. You have the option to leave the car in a drop off point which is different from the pick up point. This is very convenient as you dont have to drive back to the starting point of your travel anymore. However, you will of course have to pay more because car rental companies charge extra for this option.

Most of the time, fly drive packages only include the flights and the car rental but there are some travel agencies that offer inclusive fly drive accommodation packages. This means that your package will also include the hotels where you will be staying in the USA.

The fly drive USA travel option is very convenient especially if you are the type of person who wants to take control of your travel.

USA Car Rental The Advantages of Hiring a Car in the USA.

There many advantages of hiring a car in the USA, particularly when you are on vacation, and USA car rental is the first stop for many visiting the country. In fact, it is practically essential to hire a car if you are visiting from an overseas country, or if the distances involved are too vast for you to considering driving. Other reasons might be that you need a larger vehicle for your vacation or visit, or that an SUV or 4×4 would be more appropriate for your use than your old Taurus.

The United States of America is a very large country, and if you want to make the best of a visit then hiring a car is one of the preferred ways to go about it. You can visit any cities you want, stopping off whenever you need to. The USA has just about everything for anybody, whether you like the shows of Broadway, the excitement of the Las Vegas casinos or the peace and tranquility of the Arizona and Nevada deserts.

You will find some of the best golf courses in the world, here, from Atlanta to Ohio, and USA car rental will give the freedom you need, away from buses and train timetables. However, while there are many advantages of hiring a car in the USA, there is also the downside that you have to know the laws: not just federal law, but also the driving laws of each individual state you pass through.

Here are some tips on hiring a car in the USA and keeping on the right side of the state troopers.

1. Check out the various USA car rental companies carefully, and select on the basis of the availability of the vehicle you want, price and service. You can avoid an airport surcharge by hiring privately from a non-airport location. If you hire at an airport you are charged extra for the privilege.

Some of the smaller car hire companies in the USA will offer you lower prices and excellent services: Hertz or Avis are more expensive, but you know what you get. However, you often get better service from smaller firms. Whichever you choose, book your car well in advance of your visit.

2. Make sure that you nominate all drivers on the form. Yes, it will cost more, but if somebody not nominated was involved in a road traffic accident, your car hire insurance will be invalidated.

3. Make sure that you give the vehicle a thorough check-over for damage. Check for dents, scratches and so on, and make sure that everything you find is noted on the hire form. Otherwise you could be charged for existing damage.

4. If you have the option of prepay or self-fuelling, check out their gas prices. It might be cheaper for you to fill it up yourself.

5. Unlike the UK and most of Europe, most car hire companies in the USA do not include insurance in the standard car hire rate, and you have to negotiate that separately. Make sure of the procedure in the event of an accident. You might need a police report, there may be a time limit for reporting the accident to the hire or insurance firm and you may have to use nominated garages for repairs.

6. This should really be the first piece of advice! If you are from outside the USA, make sure you know the local driving laws. USA car rental is allowed only if you are at least 21 years of age – or 18 in New York. However, when hiring a car in the USA, you will find many hire firms will insist on 23 and even apply a surcharge if you are under 25 – this applies to all nominated drivers. So, if you are 27 and your spouse is 24, you might have to pay a surcharge to have you both named as drivers.

7. Check whether or not you can drop the car off elsewhere than where you picked it up. You might want to drive from Chicago to L.A., following the famed Route 66, but certainly not to make the return journey!

USA car rental is very popular, and there are many advantages of hiring a car in the USA, particularly if you have a long distance to travel. It is not just visitors to the country that hire cars, but many USA residents go camping holidays and other forms of vacation where their own car is too small for the whole family and all the luggage and other paraphernalia they have to take with them.

Some will hire a Winnebago and others just a larger saloon that they own themselves. Nevertheless, whatever your reason for hiring a car in the USA, you will be almost certain to have a great time if you take note of the above advice and be sure of the law and your rights with respect to USA car rental.

For more information on hiring a car in the USA, visit where you will also find a number of USA car rental Firms that are sure to meet your car rental needs.