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Many times people use poses a Car Hire chosen to visit this city as a tourist destination and being able to walk and the region or country more comfortable and convenient. It is therefore necessary to power the car and refuel at gas stations, where each consumer can choose a fuel with a different price depending on the location of each station.

Although the price per liter of diesel stood at 1.308 Euros, as confirmed by the Oil Bulletin of the European Union a few days ago, we find differences between cities within a country, being slightly lower fuel prices in some localities in others. Rent a cheap car and not only is the main concern for tourists, but it is also important to shop around to find out which cities it is more economical driving.

In fact, car hire between countries may also have differences in fuel refueling. While the European Union of 27 (which encompasses countries such as Britain and Denmark) gasoline will cost 1.407 Euros per liter, in the euro area (Spain or France, for example) the fuel reaches EUR 1.425. Diesel fuel, like gasoline, is also less expensive in countries outside the euro zone.