Imagine the possibilities. Your number is on the speed dial list of exclusive six star hotels, elite jewellers, luxury car rental companies and the like. You own a platinum credit card glimmering in the palm of your hand, several seven digit bank accounts in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands as well as a well of oil brimming all the way to the top.

Youre not rich. Teeny bobber pop stars are rich. Stinking, filthy, incredibly and obscenely wealthy is what you are. Your addresses from the most sought after residential areas in the world prove this.

At the end of a hard day you get ready to be chauffer driven in your Maybach 62.

To prove that beneath that prudent business persona lies an audacious and OTT (over the top) innovator, you embark on a Midas touch theme on your Maybach 62. And because gold is not precious enough, you commission your car to be kitted out in gleaming platinum. Other than setting you apart from the ordinary crowd, you will become the very definition of opulence.

After lengthy consultation with only the industrys best, your new innovation slowly begins to come to life precisely according to your expectations. When it does, it creates a rage of envy and (more beneficial to you) praise, as you have would have reshaped the automotive industry and subsequently the executive car hire industry, whose representatives will be knocking at your door constantly, begging to impress clients with your platinum Maybach 62.

Apart from overbearing Matric students who will be begging to be transported to their Matric farewell in your gleaming toy, many offers to purchase, especially from exclusive car hire companies, will come your way. After youve had your fun with the toy, its time to pass it along to the rest of the playground.

The luxury car rental company youve sold to quickly becomes the preferred vehicle rental company in the country among executive and fun loving travellers alike. The client readily takes pleasure in experiencing the best in luxury vehicles and to own it, even if only just for a day. They lap up every morsel and get to taste the thrill of something luxuriously unique. To feel the stares of envy come their way because only a select few will get the chance to appreciate this brand of luxury.

The platinum exterior Maybach becomes a prized addition to the existing executive fleet. The vehicle comes available as part of a package that aims to offer optimum convenience for executive car hire clients. The vehicle can be booked online and in advance, it even gets delivered to the doorstep of the clients home.

If youre not the gold card, seven digit account holder and oil baron in question and you think you can only but dream of living experiencing this type of opulence, then make your dream come true and contact a luxury car hire company and get to own a piece of luxuryeven if only just for a day.