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Rental Car Insurance

All car rental companies require their cars to be insured while they are rented out. This is to protect the company of liability or fault if the customer is in an accident. A customer can use their existing car insurance if it will cover rental cars at all, and if the insurance will cover enough of the rental car to the rental company’s standards. If the customers own insurance does not entail enough coverage on the rental car, then the rental company will have short term insurance that can be purchased with the rental. The cost of this kind of insurance is usually around 10 to 20 dollars per day. Rental companies may sometimes also offer supplemental insurance that can be added to the customers own insurance to cover any gaps there may be. Supplemental insurance prices are about 7 to 14 dollars per day. Also, check and see if your credit card offers rental car insurance if the card is used in the transaction.

Car Rental Deals

While traveling you may need to rent a car at some point in your trip. Before renting a car you should know there are many beneficial deals for travelers. Looking around, you are bound to find great deals to meet your traveling schedule. The first way to inquire about promotions and deals are to look up car rental companies in your vacation area and ask about their specific deals offered during your vacation time-line. The Internet has a ton of current information on deals that car rental companies are promoting. The price of a rental car will vary due to what kind of car it is and what company and deal you sign on with. The basic rental car with less perks will often be the lowest priced. Some agencies have cheaper rates if you rent by the week, or some are cheaper if you rent on the weekend.

Booking Rental Cars

Planning a trip is crucial to knowing where you are going and how much money you will have to spend. Some of this planning may entail renting a car depending on your venture. Booking car rentals can be done at the office of the car rental company you choose. The newest thing is to book car rental on the Internet directly through the rental company or a travel agency. Every different rental company has different requirements to be able to rent a car. You will usually be required to show DMV and drivers license information as well other financial documentation. Some companies even want a credit check before they let you rent their cars. Always book a rental car at least a week ahead of time to save the hassle of renting at the last minute and not getting what you want in pricing or selection. If there is a price that fits your budget book ahead as far back as possible. At times rental companies will allow booking ahead a week or two before your vacation.

Rental Car Business

The rental car business is in high demand with travel on the rise in the last decade. In every major city there is a car rental company with vehicles of all kinds and for all different prices, which are usually very affordable. You can even rent cars overseas, usually via the Internet, to be ready for you when you get there. There is a large market for car rental; therefore there are many rental companies. This allows for the opportunity for lots of great discounts and promotional prices for customers. This makes traveling easier and more affordable, and boosts the car rental company enterprise. All this is great for customers and business alike. No rental company is the same, and will all have different pricing, discounts, and rental age requirements.

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