Experience Barcelona Spain With A Car Rental

Barcelona is the second largest city in all of Spain, with numerous historical sites and modern buildings to visit while you are on vacation. Barcelona does have bus, metro, and taxi for public transportation; however, if you do not want to be dependent on the public transportation schedule or spend a lot on cabs, renting a car can be your best choice. With car rental you have the option of choosing a vehicle large enough for your party. You also have the choice of getting out of Barcelona to see some of the countryside attractions. Car rental certainly offers you more convenience than your other travel options around a wonderful city full of attractions.

You might be wondering how you go about renting a car in Barcelona Spain. If you live in North America, you are used to renting a car in any city you desire without complication. You simply choose the car rental company of your choice and show your driver’s license. Renting a car in any European country, even Barcelona Spain will be slightly different. Information below will help you make the car rental experience easier for you.

First of all you should book your car rental online before you leave home. This will cut down on time spent at the rental counter or even finding a rental company. You can elect to pick up the rental car from a variety of locations in Barcelona Spain, for instance the airport, hotel you are staying at, or any rental company facility in the city. You will have more choices of car rental companies at the airport. By booking online you can compare the different costs for the car you desire, as well as find the directions to the car rental agency. If you have a discount you can also enter it online at the time of booking.

Another step you must take before leaving home is to have a valid driver’s license. Even though most of Western Europe will take your American license you are better off with an international driver’s license. You must obtain this license before you leave your home country. The international license has more than one language on it, allowing the police and car rental personnel to verify your identity with ease. An international driver’s license is good for one year.

When you are online booking your car or getting your international driver’s license you will need to review Barcelona street signs and driving laws. They do have different laws than the United States in Spain. In Spain they do drive on the right side of the road, thus you sit on the left side of the car like the United States.

Furthermore, in booking a rental car online you will want to double check if the car is manual or automatic. Most rental cars in Barcelona Spain and the rest of Europe will be stick shift or manual, requiring you to know how to drive them. As you book your rental car online examine the holiday apartment online rentals to book a package deal.

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