Enjoy Summer Vacations With Low Car Rental Prices In Croatia

Croatia is a Southern European country, with a population of 5 million. The capital of Croatia is Zagreb, it has a population of 800,000. The historical part of the city to the north of Ban Jelacic Square is composed of the Gornji Grad and Kaptol, a medieval urban complex of churches, palaces, museums, galleries and government buildings that are popular with tourists on sightseeing tours. The historic district can be explored on foot, starting from the breathtaking Jelacic Square, the centre of Zagreb, or by a funicular on nearby Tomiceva Street. Zagreb is also the host of Zagrebfest, the oldest Croatian pop-music festival, as well as several traditional international sports events and tournaments. The Day of the City of Zagreb is celebrated every year with special festivities, especially on the Jarun lake near the south-western part of the city. Zagreb Airport, called Pleso Airport is the main Croatian international airport, a 20 km drive south-east of Zagreb in the suburb of Pleso. Jump into a car hire at Zagreb Airport and explore some of these museums: Archaeological Museum, Croatian Natural History Museum, Museum of Technology, Museum of the City of Zagreb, Arts and Crafts Museum, Ethnographic Museum, Mimara Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art. Popular foods are dalmatian ham, goulash, turkey, sea food, stews, pasta. Goulash originates from Hungary.

Croatia is a country of coffee drinkers (on average a whopping 5kg per person annually), not only because it was formerly part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, but also because it bordered the former Ottoman Empire. Traditional coffee houses can be found in the whole country. Drinking a cup of coffee refreshes you before car driving.Croatia has two main wine regions: Kontinetalna and Primorska, which includes the islands. Each of the main regions is divided into sub-regions which are divided into smaller vinogorje (literally wine hills) and districts. Altogether, there are more than 300 wine-producing areas in Croatia. Car hire in Croatia can be a good idea to explore these regions. Consider travelling to some of these UNESCO World Herigate sites by car: Episcopal complex of the Euphrasian Basilica in the historic centre of Porec, the cathedral of St. James in Sibenik, Historic city of Trogir, Palace of Diocletian in Split, constructed by Roman Emperor Diocletian, Old city of Dubrovnik, Plitvice Lakes. The eye-popping Palace of Diocletian was put up in the 3th century. The city of Split actually grew from this palace. Buildings from different ages fit together closely. The emperor’s residence with rooms and a great all is above a cellar. The mausoleum of the emperor was converted into a city cathedral. Many other parts of the complex was later used by Christians for ritual celebrations. Diocletian was one of the last emperors who retained power before the collapse of the Empire.

For those visitors that are tennis lovers Umag city shouldn’t be missed. Every July Umag is hosting ATP Men’s Tournament and tennis spirit can be sensed on every step of this adorable town. Nadal, Djokovic, Gonzales, Ljubicic and many others who became top tennis stars played on Umag court. For gourmet lovers a short 20 minutes drive from Umag takes you to village Groznjan, that is known for small art galleries, selling paintings and murano glass. On the way you pass many smaller villages where you can buy extra virgin olive oil from locals. For sea food lovers one can arrange with local fishermen to bring you fresh sea food directly from their fising session. Movie lovers should stop in Pula, that is known for the biggest open air film festival.The possibility to bump to hollywood celebrity is huge as every year come special guests directly from Hollywood – like John Malkowich, Jeremy Irons, Goran Bregovic… Car hire in Pula Car hire in Pula is good starting point to drive across an old adriatic road – all the way to Dalmatia – which offers scenic views to blue adriatic sea. Croatian coast is huge and long and offers all qualities of good vacation: sea, sun, party, nature, food and good people.

Visitors landing at Dubrovnik Airport can chose for a car rental at Dubrovnik Airport and enjoy the rest of their stay without any matters.

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