Will the auto industry rethink supply chain disruption now?

The U.S. government is going to weigh in on these supply chain matters. I think that its heart is in the right place. President...

How industry can prepare for 3D printing’s future role

More than a century ago, the industrial genius of Henry Ford ushered in the era of modern manufacturing, fundamentally transforming how people around the...

5 auto industry AI trends for 2021 and beyond

Driver: "OK Volkswagen, get me 10 gallons of unleaded. And a bag of fuego Takis please." Car of the future: "Sure thing. Fill it up....

Industry trends to expect in 2021

Unprecedented. Trying times. The new normal. These words have been used by many to describe 2020. For so many of us, 2021 cannot come...

Industry diversity needed now

The automotive industry finds itself at a defining moment with regard to diversity, equity and inclusion. Our companies' futures depend on our ability to...

How to end the auto industry’s software struggles

A former Audi executive knows how the automotive industry can solve its software and electronics problems. It starts with the composition of the supervisory...

Industry still driving toward mobility

After more than a century, the pioneering spirit that has defined the auto sector remains intact as another first is playing out in real...

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