Why is it important to check out the car before you rent it? Some people just rent a car without even checking it for damages or any other scratches that the rental company might charge them with when they return the car.

It is not a new thing anymore for car renters to be asked to pay an extra charge for damage repair of the car. While some are legitimate damages, others are not. Some car renters are asked to pay for damages they havent even done.

Check Out The Car Before Renting

This is why it is important to check the car before you rent it and ask a car rental agent to check it out with you. Point out to the rental agent any damage that you have noticed. Take note of the name and position of the car rental agent who has assisted you in the checking. Have it documented so you will have something to back you up when you need it. Also it pays off to have a camera ready so you can take a picture of the car before you rent it.

You have to give out extra effort if you dont want to spend on damages you did not make. This is one of the tactics of car rental companies to make customers shoulder their repair expenses. With the economic crisis being felt by everyone, even car rental companies pass on their expenses to their customers. You must be careful if you dont want to be one of the many car renters who have experienced this.

Car Rental Scam

This tactic that car rental companies do to their renters is not something new anymore. Car rental companies are known to add up whatever they can think of to your bill. So dont be surprised anymore if you expect to pay a hundred but asked to pay for two hundred. That is just how car rental companies earn.

If you dont want to be a victim of this kind of car rental scam, you should be ready to check out the car first before actually renting it. Make sure that you have everything documented to ensure that you have an evidence of the damage.

The best solution to this kind of scam is to choose carefully the car rental company that you are dealing with. Make sure that you go to a trustworthy company so you are sure that you will not be subjected to this kind of scam.