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Few Tips To Make Your Los Angeles, California Tour Memorable

Welcome to Sun City Los Angeles or simply L.A. which is the largest city of California. Getting the advantage of the geographical location, L.A. has very mild climate and this is one of the reasons that tourists can visit this place round the year.

Los Angeles is surrounded by diversity geographic features such as mountain ranges, deep valleys, forest, desert, and the Pacific Ocean. Among all these natural features, human beings also designed few sites in this fashion that Los Angeles becomes one of the most favorite tourist places in the world.

Los Angeles is also a significant center of culture, media, and international trade. However, Los Angeles became globally famous due to being the center of the worlds entertainment industry i.e. Hollywood.

The important sites which attract most the tourists are viz

Beverly Hills – located in the west part of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills is the home of many Hollywood celebrities. Some of the homes are one of the largest and elegant homes of Los Angeles. So, if you are planning to go Los Angeles, do not miss Beverly Hills.

Downtown of Los Angeles – among the tantalizing shopping malls, sky scraping buildings, and road networks, downtown of Los Angeles has also enshrined the historic and cultural places. So, here you can enjoy your shopping, movie, food at world class restaurants and native cultures with historical flavor.

Hollywood Hollywood is enticed with its circumspectly manufactured images, gifted showbiz glitz, and glamour. So, this is everyones dream to visit at least once in life time.

Long Beach, San Pedro and Palos Verdes at the Verdes Peninsula, there are series of beautiful small cities. By virtue of being at the coast of Pacific Ocean, these cities have beautiful beaches, where you could enjoy a lot.

San Fernando Valley it has many eye-catching sites such as Descanso Gardens, Disney Studios, NBC Television Studios, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum etc. All of these places are beautiful enough to attract your attention.

There are many tourists attracting shopping centers like Mi Piace, Greater La Woman, Porno Mania etc. Besides, there are many important restaurants where you would like to have food are:
Melisse placed in Santa Monica where you will get wonderful traditional French cuisine with New American flavor.

La Cachette it has some special characteristics i.e. it serves light and delicious dishes.

Water Grill this is worldwide known for its internal structure and set up in terms of soft lighting, intimate table arrangement, and fine wood. Above all, it serves the best sea food in Los Angeles.

Spago this is one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles which attracts almost everyone who has any one in Hollywood.

Ocean and Vine this is beautiful restaurant and lounge at Loews Santa Monica Beach. Due to its location on the beach, it is one of the hottest places in Los Angeles. Here you will get the delicious regional California cuisine along with fantastic views of the Pacific Ocean.

Lisbon Airport Explored Eveything You Need To Know About Travelling To Lisbon Airport

Lisbon is one of those amazing places that manages to seamlessly blend together centuries of tradition with the energy and dynamism of the new. From ancient monuments to winding cobbled streets and restored palaces, all the way through to Art Nouveau cafs, fabulous restaurants and exciting nightlife, the Portugeese capital has it all and can be easily reached via Lisbon Portela Airport, just 7km away.

Last year a huge investment in the airport, which dealt with in excess of 13 million passengers, saw the services there vastly modernised and a second terminal opened to cater to domestic flights only. In fact visitors to Lisbon Airport are ridiculously spoilt for choice when it comes to extracurricular facilities, whether its to indulge in some retail therapy or relax with a drink.

Most of the shops are open between 07.00am and 23.00pm and although there is the usual abundance of duty free, book and convenience stores, there is also an astonishing array of fashion and accessory outlets including Lacoste, the Sunglass Hut and a couple of jewellers. For those that want to take a flavour of Portugal back home with them, there are also two delicatessens.

Once you have shopped-til-you-drop and are in need of some serious refuelling, there are a choice of either self-service or waiter service restaurants. These vary between the culturally apt, such as Passarola restaurant, to the culturally familliar, in the form of McDonalds and Pizza Hut. There is even a Harrods Knightsbridge coffee and snack bar for those that are truly homesick for Blighty. For lighter refreshment there are a selection of cafes and bars scattered around the departures area mainly, although there is an Expresso Caf and Delta Caf in arrivals.

Getting to and from the airport is the biggest priority for many and to really take advantage of everything that this amazing city has to offer it is best to organise a Lisbon Airport Car Hire. There are 7 companies in total that offer car rental at Lisbon Airport, but Auto Jardim, located within the terminal, is the most convenient for those travelling with children, the in-firmed or elderly. The other 6 – Alamo, Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz and Sixt – all provide cars that are wellmaintained and generally under 8 months old but check with individual agencies to find out what else is included in the quoted price.

Another option is to get a Lisbon Airport Transfer. By booking in advance it ensures a driver is there to meet you in arrivals and take you straight to your transportation. This avoids any hanging about which is often the case when relying on other means of transport such as a taxi, which have stands located outside both the arrivals and departure halls.

There is no train station but there are several bus routes that take in the airport. These go to a variety of destinations including metro stations stops, the city centre and Oriente Station, a main railway station from where national and international trains can be caught. Bus fares currently are 1.30 for a single trip.

For further information on Lisbon Airport including arrivals and departures, bus timetables, car hire quotes, parking, weather and much more go to The Lisbon Airport Guide.com.

Worlds Largest B2b Portal For Battery Industry

We welcome you to join www.batteryind.com & reap the benefits of the firs ever exclusive BATTERY portal in the World.

Get your business listed on the first and topmost BATTERY business PORTAL of the World and create a networking environment where businesses benefits from increased sales, b2b networking and being present globally.

Doesnt matter where you are running your business and where you are sourcing your products and exporting and re-exporting your products Batteryind is best way to increase your sale and your global presence.

GROUP AAKAR has launched Battery Portal a decade old organization involved in organizing TRADE EXHIBITIONS & publishing TRADE Magazines and Directories.

Aakar is not just about Organizing trade shows & Publishing Techno Commercial magazines & Directories. Our role is that of a relationship broker – identifying, targeting, attracting and matching the needs of buyers and suppliers.

Our aim to maximize business and networking opportunities through the launch of first ever BATTERY PORTAL of INDIA.

Our mission is to provide worldwide visibility, using the Internet resources, for the products and services of our clients, to help find offers and purchasers for them in the international marketplace.

Client profile
Clients registered on our site represents all kinds of Battery businesses, large and small, but principally those who can foresee the strategic importance of using the internet as a means for reaching beyond boundaries and beyond imaginations.

Our goal is to make available on our data base the largest number possible of offers and demands for products and services from across India and world.

The larger the number and the greater the diversity of these offers, the greater the possibility of our clients identifying opportunities for their businesses.

Our portal searches 24 hours a day for information about businesses which have a potential interest in being represented on our site.

When we identify such a business, we send out an invitation for the owners to register their activities with us. So far, our invitations have been received well, predicting that soon we have a considerable number of business from around the world registered on our site.

This job goes on without interruption, as the speed of commercial expansion and the number of companies present on the Internet is rapidly increasing. When a business registers on Batteryind.com, it is classified both by geographical region and by product or service in accordance with the standards published by the World Trade Organization (WTO). This information is fed into our data bank and becomes available to all the paid subscribers for consultation, prospecting clients, finding markets, suppliers and partners.

All registered clients, paid subscribers or not, have complete access to their own information and can bring it up to date whenever necessary.

As a paid subscriber to us, your business can count on an important resource for communication and prospecting new markets and opportunities, international and domestic.

New businesses are registering every day, increasing the potential for business contacts on our site.
The principal services and benefits of value to your business are:
Prospecting for new costumers.
Trade Alert.
Creation of web sites
Web Marketing (SEO) Search Engine Optimization.

For more information on your space in the Battery Industry of INDIA go to www.batteryind.com

The Benefits Of Voip For Your Business

As advancements in technology have abounded for the past decade and the usage and speed of the internet increased, VoIP technology has too, bringing with it an increased number of followers, especially among small to medium sized businesses.


The major reason for switching your current telephony system for many is cost. With businesses often having to make numerous and often lengthy calls nationally, internationally and to mobile service providers, monthly telephone usage puts a huge dent in the companies figures. The reason behind this is you’re probably using good old PSTN lines (normal copper based circuit switched landline phones have been around for a long time) carrying an analogue signal for your call. Telephone companies charge a huge amount in both line rental packages and call costs. Every minute used costs you money, and the maintenance and upkeep of the systems’ underground network is passed onto you the user from the telephone provider.

With VoIP, the only charge you will be faced with is your usual monthly internet package price and possibly a small charge for a VoIP service package depending on your office needs, plus your call charges but on a much more palatable tariff. Of course, as it would be a digital data call, a lot of bandwidth with a better than average connection speed is required, but most services today offer 24/7 ADSL connection or fibre optic with rip roaring speeds at a fairly low fixed monthly rate. Good for business when you can call whoever, whenever you need to. Indeed, studies have shown that making the switch could save over 40% on local calls and over 90% on international calls.


Another great benefit of using VoIP is the abilty to use the phone without being chained to the desk. Since VoIP needs only internet connection for communication, and possibly a headset if call quality is paramount, there is nothing physically tying you down when needing to make a call, no need to wait until you’re back in the office to hold that important meeting via phone. This offers a great benefit to small business in particular who, with a smaller workforce and sometimes often need to be out-and-about doing and generating business, vital calls can be made from anywhere with an internet connection. This reduces the need for company mobiles and further ongoing costs. If work mobiles are a necessity, VoIP calls can be made from anywhere using 3G or 4G or WiFi without the need for any computer or hardware (depending on your mobile provider and handset capabilities). Moreover, costly calls back to base or to clients while overseas will soon be a thing of the past using VoIP as all you need is your VoIP login details and an internet access point which are usually readily available locally.


As business demands often change, at times a change of location may be in order. In the past, it was a costly situation when you needed to keep you phone number and move it elsewhere as your office moved. However, with a VoIP system in place your number goes wherever you are, so the only thing that needs to move is your internet connection.


As your business grows so does the demand on your telephone system. Installing new lines is both costly and time consuming. Coupled with the increased number of office phone users, bills are only set to rise further. By using VoIP for your business, the only thing increasing will be the number of users logged into the network. No additional expensive hardware needs to be purchased to keep staff in communication, as headsets can be low-cost if even required since your laptop usually comes equipped with speakers and a microphone (albeit not so common on desktops). There’s no need to worry about tying up the bandwidth either, as VoIP technology makes efficient use of bandwidth, meaning than for the moments of silence when you’re not the one doing the talking in any given conversation, you are not using any bandwidth, and it is used elsewhere on the network keeping speeds high for all.

If your business ventures overseas, you can be sure than your communications network will still remained streamlined as clients and customers will be calling the same numbers at the usual call rates, and your call costs will remain the same as no landline on foreign soil will be necessary – which often involve hefty setup costs and long contracts before the cost of making a call come into play. No additional charges or international rates packages need to be added to your office VoIP system.


Other than the ones mentioned above, VoIP offers a vast array of features compared to standard PTSN lines. With call waiting/blocking, enhanced voicemail, call forwarding, caller ID blocking, call transfer, online account management, call recording, voicemail to email notifications, auto attendants, multiple extensions; it truly is a feature rich technology.

All things taken into account, it’s clear that serious thought needs to be given the next time VoIP comes up at a meeting. With not only huge savings to be had, but increased work/time efficiency, your business seeks to benefit in more ways than one. Installing a VoIP system into your business operations will surely go a long way to aiding sustainable business growth.

How to Find the Best Limo Services in Boston

Boston is the largest city in New England, and an internationally renowned hub of education, performing arts and finance. Its historic sites, research institutions and sports stadiums give the city a unique flavor and attract millions of visitors every year. For those looking to travel around Boston in comfort and style, the city offers numerous limousine rental services, but it can be quite a challenge to find reliable and high quality companies.

A quick Google search for Boston limo rental yields over 300,000 results, and most of the top findings lead directly to the websites of limousine services located in Boston. But it is important to remember that high ranking in search engines is not necessarily related to the reputability and quality of a service. In the clutter of marketing and advertising, it can be hard to find unbiased information regarding a limousine company. However, there are many ways beyond the basic search to find excellent limo services in the area, especially for visitors who do not have the option of visiting individual companies before making their decision.

The following are some resources which can be used to shortlist and find good limousine rental companies in Boston:

Web directories

Web directories of Boston limousine companies are an excellent place to start the search for companies. Such websites are comprehensive, classified and often carry customer reviews for individual carriers, allowing visitors to compare different options based on criteria such as reliability, service and value for money. Some directory websites also offer special discounts and packages that may not be found on company websites or anywhere else.

Google Maps

Google Maps are used by businesses across America to provide customers with an easy way to locate them, and if one requires a limo service in a particular area of Boston, Google Maps are a good place to start. Their “search nearby” feature can be used to find limousine companies located near particular Boston locations such as the Logan International Airport or South Station.

However, it is important to note that this search only provides a listing of companies, and further research is necessary to find the best service among the available options.

Forums and social networking sites

Another way to find a good limo company in Boston is to ask others on online forums such as Yahoo! Answers or Wikianswers, or on networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The biggest benefit of using such media is that they are not heavily manipulated by marketers, and allow customers to connect with people who have used various companies in the past and have a wealth of tips, experiences and leads to share.

In fact, others may already have asked and received answers to similar questions, so it is worth searching through the archives of community sites and travel forums related to Boston.

Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages local business directory for Boston is not the best place to find a limo rental company, but many people use it for this purpose nonetheless. An ad in the yellow pages does not really say anything about a company besides the fact that it can afford to purchase an ad, so it is imperative to do further research. Yellow Pages can be okay for initial searching, especially in a rush, but certainly not for choosing. Supplemental research is necessary to find a good Boston limo service.

It is evident that no single source will lead directly to a great limo service in Boston. However, modern technology offers many resources which can be used together to search and shortlist good leads.

Once a few companies have been shortlisted, it is important to contact and assess them personally. Other places where information regarding Boston limo companies can be found include the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, the Better Business Bureau and the Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs.

Best Locations In Mumbai To Buy Residential Property

Mumbai-the commercial capital of the country and home to the Indian film industry, has always been a preferred choice for buying, selling or renting properties in India. It is recognized as an IT/ITES hub and this has led to a thriving demand for properties. Despite the skyrocketing real estate prices, the city has something to offer for every class of the society to invest in real estate.

Due to large scale urbanization in the suburbs, Mumbai is expected to see very high demand for residential space of approximately 16.40 lakh units. The mid-scale and affordable housing in suburban and peripheral areas will be the focus of this demand.

The eastern suburban areas of Navi Mumbai, like Kharghar, Airoli, CBD Belapur, and Sanpada which have been getting a lot of infrastructural developments, happen to be good investment options. Rates in Navi Mumbai range between Rs.3000 to Rs.5000 per sq ft. While the North Western and Eastern suburbs continue to be the preferred locations; in Mumbai, the demand has continued and there are some new projects coming up in South Mumbai. Also, Central Mumbai areas e.g. Wadala, Sion etc are coming up with new residential ventures.

Navi Mumbai is getting the larger share of the pie, as most of the real estate projects are coming up here and the prices are affordable as compared to Mumbai. Many options are still available in Mumbai, wherein you can afford to have an abode of your own. Lets have a look at a few of them:

Kurla- One of the major suburb of Mumbai, the suburban railway station lies on the Central and Harbour line. Lokmanya Tilak Terminus lies near to the Kurla Suburban Station, which is a terminus for out passenger/express trains. It has its own railway junction and is 3.5 Kms away from the domestic airport and 13.5-14kms from Mumbai Central and Mumbai CST respectively. The locality has got Engineering Colleges as well, apart from lots of schools and various other educational institutions.

Borivali- The Borivali suburban railway station is on the Western Line. Located in the North-Western Mumbai, it is one of the few places in the world that has got a National park within the city limits-The Sanjay Gandhi National Park. There are a number of well known educational institutions managed by the Franciscan Brothers. The very famous amusement park, “Essel World” and Asia’s largest water park “Water Kingdom” are located here. It is at a distance of approximately 18 Km from the airport and 32 Km from the Mumbai Central.

Sion- The Sion suburban railway station lies between Matunga and Kurla on the Central line. There are a few residential projects coming up in this area. The Central Labour Institute is nearby and other schools and colleges are also there. Not only the local trains, but also the Sion BEST bus depot connects it well to other localities like Wadala, Dadar, Antop Hill, Bandra etc.

Vikhroli- This Mumbai suburb has a railway station with the same name on the Central line. Similar to many other areas in Mumbai, it is divided by the railway line between two parts, namely Vikhroli East and Vikhroli West. There has been a proposal for a bridge to be built over Thane creek to Kopar Khairne, Navi Mumbai, the third linkage between Navi Mumbai to Mumbai. It lies between the Ghatkopar and Kanjurmarg Suburban Railway Stations.

Chembur- Located 22 Km to the North-East of Churchgate, Chembur is located in the eastern part of Mumbai. The Suburban Railway station of Chembur is on the Harbour Line. Owing to its central location, it is well connected via roads to Navi Mumbai, Ghatkopar, Sion, Kurla, Mulund, Mankhurd, Panvel and Thane. The NG Acharya Garden or Diamond Garden, Sandu Garden and Pestom Garden. are the major attractions of Chembur. It is about 20 Km from the international airport and 18 Km from the CST railway station.

Jogeshwari- Jogeshwari Suburban Railway station lies on the Western Line between Andheri and Goregaon. Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road or JVLR, as it is popularly known connects it to the central suburb of Vikhroli. The place is mostly inhabited by Muslims and Maharashtrians. The suburb is named after Goddess Jogeshwari. There are some earlier caves in the eastern part of the region, dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Jogeshwari. There are some of the well known schools and colleges in the area.

Ghatkopar- One of the richest suburbs of the city, the place is filled with all kinds of shopping centers, jewelers’ shops, cloth shops, eateries etc. It lies on the Central Line of the suburban railway station, between Vidyavihar and Vikhroli. North Bombay Welfare Society High School (Ghatkopar West), Fatima High School (in the border area with Vidyavihar), Gurukul High School (Ghatkopar East), Garodia High School (Garodia Nagar), Ramji Assar High School (Ghatkopar East) area few private schools in the area. For arts, Science, Management, Engineering and Medicine streams, the famous Somaiya family of colleges is here. In addition, the suburb is served by at least three Municipal schools. It lies 6 Km from the international airport and about 18 and 16 Km from CST and Mumbai Central respectively.

Goregaon- It is a major suburban railway station on the Western Line between Jogeshwari and Malad. It is in the northern part of the city and is easily accessible by buses, trains, auto-rickshaws and taxis. Not only has it housed the famous film studios Filmistaan and Film City (in Goregaon East) but also the cinemas like Anupam and Samrat. Goregaon West is known to have most of the shopping centres of the locality. The Western Express Highway and Linking road lie on either side of the area. It is primarily a middle class locality.

Malad- It is well known for Marve/Aksa/Erangal beaches where the famous Raheja group hotels Resort/Retreat are situated. It is on the Western Line of the Suburban Railway between Goregaon and Kandivali. There are a number of shopping centres, markets, theaters etc in the locality. Malad East has many popular housing colonies like Raheja Township, Govind Nagar, Mahindra Nagar and Pratap Nagar. Mahindra Nagar is a clean and green society, which was nominated as the second most pollution-free area in Mumbai by Eureka Forbes after Aarey Colony in Goregaon.

Area-Avg Price/Sqft(INR)-Avg Rent/Sqft (INR)
Kurla(East/West)-6092 / 7688-21 / 29
Borivali(East/West)-6330 / 6884-21 / 18
Vikhroli(East/West)-6051 / 6609-19 / 24
Ghatkopar(East/West)-7458 / 6880-26 / 24
Malad(East/West)-7204 / 5336-24 / 25
Jogeshwari(East/West)-9190 / 7309-32 / 28
Goregaon(East/West)-7605 / 7968-25 / 25

The above localities offer a lucrative option for real estate investments. These are well developed and have a better infrastructure in comparison to the developing Navi Mumbai suburbs. Also, they offer a cheaper rental as well as capital values, when compared to the Mumbai’s Golden triangle, Malabar Hill, Breach Candy and Altamount Road and other costly areas, where residential properties sell in the range from 40000-62000 Rs/Sqft .

ff Gturbo Is Light And Fast As Hell

The 9ff GTurbo delivers around 1,000 horsepower conversions for Porsche 911 GT3 and RS. Yes, this lightweight little package is fast as hell, and certainly has people talking.

The base price for the 2010 9ff GTurbo Lightweight is $300,000. It is a RWD luxury sports car boasting a 3.8-liter twin turbo engine and a six-speed manual transmission. It is not exactly green, with a fuel consumption rating of 9/12, but what else are we to expect from a monster that can hit top speeds of around 225 miles per hour (depending on the version). Yummy.

The 9ff GTurbo offers 3 levels of performance- 750 hp, 850 hp or 1,000 hp. Yes, I said 1,000 horsepower! The 850 hits the 0-62 mark in 3 seconds, with the 1,000 smashing in at 2.9 seconds, while the 750 is not far behind the 850.

Competitors for this badass include the shiny new Ferrari F430 (who is about to take a backseat to the new Ferrari 458 Italia, jealousy hurts), the Lamborghini Murcielago, and a few other fast models.

There is no denying that Porsches GT3 RS is a legend and the basis for the Le Mans winning RSR racecar, which is way more car than most drivers could ever handle. Lucky for us Porsche isnt catering to the average driver with the GTurbo 9ff! I have a feeling this Porsche would not make a suitable luxury car rental, unless it were a driver truly seeking the Porsche racing experience in a Porsche rental, though I would still have my qualms.

It is always awesome to see what emerges from luxury carmakers like Porsche, who continue to push both the power and prestige buttons with each new model they bestow upon the world. I am having fantasies of a clean machine capable of insane speeds while sipping electricity at about the pace of a 60-watt light bulbWell, it could happen!

Ltc Packages Online Reservation International Car Rental

Metro Cabs International is one of the most visited religious place in India and is a must see part of the religious tourism in India. Katra the base station fro going to LTC Packages is located about 50 Kilometers from Jammu the last broad gauge station of Indian Railways in North India. The temple is further located 13 kilometers from Katra and is approachable by road only.Devotees offload their luggage in Katra and just carry the necessary items for this trek. For a normal adult it takes about 6 hours to reach the temple from Katra. Due to formation of trust many years back the facilities have considerably improved enroots and at the temple premises. The whole path is well laid out with ample lighting at Night. Resting places with sheds are built every 400 to 500 meters with facility of toilets and subsidized canteens.Being on a hill top there is temperature difference of around 10 degrees between the temple site and Katra. This needs to be kept in mind while planning for clothing requirements, however free blanket service is available at the temple premises.

Metro Cabs International needs to register for this visit either at Katra or online at the MVDSSB trust website Accommodation provided by the trust at various places like Jammu Katra and the shrine can also be booked online in advance through their website. Being base camp for this temple Katra has a large number of hotels, resorts and guest houses catering to the requirements of every section of society from five star hotels to economy lodges. LTC Packages is one of the most popular pilgrimage and tourist destinations of India which attracts millions of visitors every year all over the country and abroad. Perches at a height of 5200 feet, the sacred shrine is nestled amidst the mighty Trikuta Mountain in the state of Jammu and International in northern India. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Shakti whose abode is a 100 feet long and narrow cave. There are the idols of three deities or pindies known as Maha Kali, Maha Lakshmi and Maha Saraswati which symbolizes the destructive, preservative and creative nature of the divine power.

LTC Packages main journey to the shrine begins from the base camp at Katra which is at a distance of about 50 km from Jammu railway station. From Katra, there is an uphill journey of 13 km to the main shrine known as the Bhawan. Most of the devotees cover the entire journey on foot but the travelers can also hire ponies, palkies or taxis for an ease. Now days, a helicopter service has also been started between Katra to Sanjhichat. The entire hilly track to the temple is endowed with a multitude of breathtaking sceneries blessed with natural beauty and panoramic landscapes. As you start your ardent journey from Katra, the very first stop is at Banganga where you can take a holy bath in the sacred waters of the river. Then, after walking 2.5 km from Banganga, there is Charanpadhuka containing the footprints of the goddess. Now 3 km further is the Ardhkumari Temple where you can take a rest for a couple of hours. From Ardhkumari, there is a steep climbing of 4 km to Sanjhichat.

LTC Packages is the high point of the track from where you can enjoy an overwhelming sight of Katra and other idyllic locations nestled in the lap of Mother Nature. Now the downhill journey of about 2.5 km takes you to the main temple or Bhawan of Mata LTC Packages where the devotees are blessed with the blessings and spiritual power of the three pindies inside the divine cave.LTC Packages Temple is thus one of the most sacred Hindu shrines located in the beautiful backdrop of the snow capped mountains. The heart throbbing natural landscapes and the enchanting darshan of LTC Packages converts this arduous uphill journey into a memorable one and lures the visitors to come again and again to this sacred abode of Mother Goddess. Jai Kara Sherawali Ka Bol Sache Darbar Ki Jai” is the usual refrain of one overwhelmed with the irresistible urge.Maa LTC Packages Shrine is one of the oldest shrine of India, located at a height of 5300 feet on the holy Trikuta Hills of the Shivalik Hill Range.

Metro Cabs International Holy cave is 13 Kms from the Base Camp Katra. The Town Katra is 50 Kms away from Jammu and 35 Kms from District HQ Udhampur and is linked by road. The Mata LTC Packages Shrine is one of the most popular Shrines of India. ‘Vaishnavi’ means the one who is related to lord “Vishnu”. Goddess Vaishnavi is the manifestation of the collective spiritual strengths of Mata Maha Kali, Mata Maha Lakshmi and Mata Maha Saraswati.It is described in Durga Sapatshati that the goddess was born as a young girl of extraordinary beauty and strength, out of the collectively pooled ‘Tejas’ of various ‘Devtas’ and three lords Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. The immediate purpose of the creation of the goddess was the annihilation of Asura (Devil) Mahishasura.This story is about 700 years old. Shri-Dhar was an ardent devotee of Ma LTC Packages. He resided in a village called Hansali, 2 Km away from the present Katra town. Once Ma appeared to him in the form of a young bewitching girl. The young girl asked the humble Pandit to hold a ‘Bhandara’.

The Hertz Car Rental Company

There are so many car hire companies in the world today but there is one company that has been there for quite a while now and it is one of the leading car hire companies in the world today, this is the Hertz car rental company. This car hire company offers the public various services which include car rentals at every airport and they have offices in over 7000 locations all over the world and this makes it one of the biggest car rental companies in the world. This company was established in the city of Chicago by a business man who was known as Walter L Jacobs in the year 1910.

Later in the year 1923, Mr. Jacobs sold the car hire business to one John Hertz. John Hertz then was the president of the Yellow truck, coach and cab manufacturing company but he stayed on as the company’s administrative and operating executive. This company later in the year 1926 changed its name to the Hertz Drive-Ur-Self system but the General Motors Company acquired the Yellow Truck Company and also took ownership of the Hertz car hire company. This company’s history dates back far in history and with their experience in the business, the Hertz car hire company is one of the best in the world.

The first Hertz car hire office was opened in the year 1932 at the Midway Airport in Chicago and it was during the same year that the company introduced for the first time its self-drive program which was meant to help the people who are in the region for a short while with self-drive transport. The car hire company was later acquired by the Omnibus Corporation in 1953 from the General Motors corporation and its name was changed to The Hertz corporation. The car hire company was listed in the stock exchange in the same year.

Mr. Jacobs remained the president of the company and he served as president all through to the year 1960 when he officially retired. The car hire company went on with business and it grew to be a big company. The Hertz car hire company later in 1994 acquired a company which was known as the Metropolitan Distributors which was a truck leasing company based in the city of New York. Leon C Greenbaum who was the president of the Metropolitan Distributors company later became the vice chairman of the board of governors at the Hertz car hire company.

Ford purchased the outstanding shares of the Hertz company thus, fully owning it. Later in the year 1997, the Hertz company launched its website. The website was meant to make the company to be known all over the world and it contained all the information about the company’s services and their rates for all their services. It also contained all the booking information and due to the fast growing rate of the company, it later formed the Neverlost navigation system in conjunction with the Megella Corporation which proved to be a big success. The Hertz Corporation is one of the leading car hire service provider in the world and it is still dedicated to providing good quality services.

Rajasthan Car Rental Guidelines

Car rental business is mushrooming in Indian state of Rajasthan. It is one of the most frequently visited tourist destination in northern India. It is the largest state of India in term of area and has many cities containing many tourist attractions. Tourism is the main economy source of the state. Millions of tourists visit Rajasthan every year. Due to the hot and arid climatic condition of Rajasthan tourists find car rental hiring to be very comfortable and reliable to travel across the cities of Rajasthan.

But hiring a reliable car is not that easy as it sounds. To hire a Rajasthan Car Rental, you need to awaken your common sense so that you may escape from all expected and unexpected troubles. Here are some points where you must focus before hiring a rental car.

Registration of the car rental company: The Company from whom you are renting a car must be registered with any governmental organization. Unregistered can be fake or illegal and can put in trouble. They may be involved in human trafficking and can pick you for touring and can you drop you in the custody of third person involved in such activities. Or they may ask for exceptionally huge sum of money.

Registration of the car: The car must be registered with the vehicle authority of India. For this you may ask to show the Registrations Card (RC) of the car. If the agency is not willing to show you the card it may be that it is a stolen car. You may get trapped in unforeseen problem.

Licensed Driver: The driver or chauffer who are going to drive car for you must posses for wheeler driving license. If the driver do not have driving license, he might be caught by the traffic police and your time will be wasted unnecessarily.

Service charge: You should be confirmed about all charges. Some companies include fuel charge and service charge in the service charge. Get confirmation about these things that whether you have to pay additional for fuel and driver or those are inclusive in the service charge.

Terms & Conditions: Some of the agencies have some hidden terms & conditions that may ruin your budget. So pay heed to all extra terms before hiring a company.

These are the safety measures to hire a car smartly and safely. Now it is worth to inform you that you wan to make your travel economic then hire car rental from local agents. Suppose you have to roam around Jaipur then hire a Car Rental Jaipur. If you hire a common car rental to tour in all cities of Rajasthan then a lot of money will be transportation alone. So hire Car Rental Udaipur to visit the lakes and forts in Udaipur and Jaisalmer Car Rental to see the beauty and golden splendid of desert there and so on.

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