April, 2019

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Supercars And Luxury Cars Redeem Regard

I daresay it is finally happening, the stigma is falling off of luxury items, and luxury cars are regaining their former popularity! Yes, the economy seems to be gradually regaining its health, and exotic cars are gradually less begrudged. This is a good thing, a really good thing for auto buffs and gearheads across the board.

Super luxury cars and car brands like Maybach, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and more represent the crme de la crme, so to speak, of the exotic and luxury car rental realms. Luxury cars offer things that simply cannot be found in a domestic vehicle, or brand for that matter, and they have been missed.

Making a comeback is Rolls Royce, who introduced the Ghost earlier this year, a super-luxury car that is sure to do well with its blend of classic Rolls appeal coupled with a sophisticated modern edge. Some of the amenities on a Rolls Royce Ghost are so pricey most people could not afford them for their homes, let alone their luxury cars. And the price tag of nearly half a million is also more than some pay for their residences.

The Maybach 62 Zeppelin will also hit the market this year, with only 100 units scheduled to be produced. The limited edition factor is sure to add to the exclusive appeal, as it is already selling well.

Luxury car brand Mercedes-Benz is also experiencing a boost, as sales have doubled during the first half of the year. The question remains if it can be attributed to new and limited edition luxury vehicles or the improving economy or perhaps a mesh of both factors.
The revival of the luxury automobile is a welcomed event, and I look forward to more debuts and success stories for exotic and luxury cars!

Rental Car Companies – Tricks Of The Trade

Have to rent a car? Maybe you are on a business trip and have flown to your destination and need a car to get back and forth to the office. Maybe your car has been damaged by a hit and run driver, and you are having to rent a car while yours is getting repaired. Whatever the reason for renting a car, please take heed to the message I am sending in this article. Rental car companies are tricky! I use the word tricky because it is the nicest word I can think of to describe what some rental car companies do. Here are some very good tips to use when you are forced to utilize a rental car.

1. First of all, make sure your auto policy will cover a rented vehicle. There are new policies out there that have endorsements added to them that alleviate the insurance carrier from “contractual” liability a.k.a. rental car agreements.

2. Make sure, and I mean make sure, you insist on a pre-rental vehicle inspection form being filled out and get a signed copy of it from a rental company employee (and that employee’s business card if possible). This is normally a sheet that has a very simple drawing of a vehicle on it which the rental company will rush you through filling out. They will normally ask you to place an “x” anywhere on the picture where you see damage on the vehicle.

3. During your pre-rental inspection of the vehicle, take your time! Don’t let them rush you and do not miss anything at all, no matter how small it seems. I have experienced rental company employees suggesting that certain damages don’t need to be written down on the inspection form because they are too small to worry about. Do not believe it. Write down everything. In fact, here are some common areas people miss:

A. Windshield chips and cracks.
B. Stains or tears in the interior upholstery.
C. Rock chips on the front bumper cover or hood.
D. Scratches on the rear bumper.
E. Door handle on rear doors or passenger side doesn’t operate.
F. Rearview mirror is loose.
G. Wheels have scuffs or scratches on them.
H. Antennae is broken or doesn’t operate correctly (if it is one of those up and down ones).
I. Minor door dings.

4. If your insurance doesn’t cover contractual liability, then either bite the bullet and purchase the “damage waiver” from the rental company, or be warned!

Okay, so the point is that you might not have coverage for damage to a rental vehicle, and even if you do, make sure that the damage that is already on the vehicle can’t be claimed against your insurance policy. As an insurance adjuster for companies that excluded contractual liability and for companies that paid it, I have seen some crazy claims made by rental companies. I won’t name names, but some of the larger rental car companies are the worst about trying to generate revenue by making what the industry would call “non-meritorious claims”, but not provable as fraud. Here’s a new set of numbers reflecting a scenario that I have seen a hundred times or more. . .

1. The renter rents a car (doesn’t see any damage and probably just signed off on a damage inspection form without even knowing it or didn’t notice the little stuff) and has an uneventful trip.

2. The rental vehicle is returned to the rental company as it was before the trip.

3. The rental company now goes over the vehicle with a fine toothed comb and locates three door dings, multiple scratches on the rear bumper, and three chips in the windshield that have to be repaired. They get the damages estimated and total damages are $742.00. On top of the repair cost, the vehicle will have to be in the shop for three or four days to get all the repairs done, and during the time the vehicle is in the shop, the rental company is “losing money” because they can’t rent the vehicle out.

This is another $120.00 of lost earning potential, and they might even try to claim that the car since it has to be repaired will have suffered some inherent diminished value. Oh, and don’t forget administrative fees because of the time they had to spend preparing the claim and such, that’s another $50.00. They will try whatever they can to make a buck or two at your expense.

4. The rental company (if you didn’t get the damage waiver) then makes a claim against your insurance company for the damages (now at over $1000.00) plus the $100.00 it cost them to get the damage appraised.

5. Your insurance company (if there is no endorsement relieving them of contractual liability), will have to “entertain” the claim.

6. During the entertainment phase, your insurance company is supposed to contact you to see if they can find out what happened (even though no matter what happened you owe the damages because of the rental contract which says you do).

7. Since you have no idea what happened and hadn’t read this article, so you don’t have a copy of a pre-rental inspection form showing all the damages were already there, your insurance company will likely make a payment for around $500.00, the real cost of the labor associated with repairing the rental vehicle.

8. If you tell your insurance company that the damages were there when you rented the car, and they refuse to pay the rental company, then the rental company will get mad that their trick didn’t work, and they will try to collect the money directly from you, and could even attempt to get it on your credit if you don’t pay. If that happens to you, my advice is to look into your legal remedies under the deceptive trade practices act or consult an attorney.

To conclude, by being “tricky”, and being nice to you when you are renting the vehicle as well as when you turn it back in, the rental company has taken advantage of your confidence in them, and either fixed all the wear on their rental vehicle or simply pocketed the money (and will do the same thing on the same vehicle over and over again). All done at the expense of your claims history and insurance premiums. Did you know that even if an accident is not your fault, it still counts against you if you have to use your own insurance? Most insurance companies assign a point system to the type and severity of a claim.

If you get run into two or three times within a year or two (through no fault of your own), or if you are the victim of theft or vandalism, you can bet that you will be flagged as a high risk because of your “luck” and will eventually have a higher premium. Additionally most insurance companies have the right to just cancel your policy flat if you have an accident within the first 30 to 60 days of the policy term, even if the accident is not your fault. Don’t let a rental car company trick you, embarrassment you, or cause your insurance rates or credit score to be negatively affected!

Justin Petty / Licensed All Lines Adjuster and Public Adjuster

My personal cell phone and e-mail are listed on my website, and I will personally answer my phone to address your questions or concerns. I work for the “little man”, be it a small business or an individual. If you think honesty and integrity are a thing of the past, research me. I am truly a horse of a different color, so visit my website and give me a call or drop me a line. I trust you will be surprised when I personally answer the phone. I am the founder and CEO of Petty Details, LLC, and I have the power to bend my own rules and prices for the benefit of justice. Plead your case!

Car Hire On Holiday- Everything You Need To Know

It may seem that if you plan to rent a vehicle while you are traveling abroad that you already know what to anticipate from a company that you have already dealt with domestically. This however is not always the case. Different countries have different rules, laws and expectations when it comes to leasing a vehicle and it is important to find out exactly what you will need for the country that you are traveling to.

International travelers will need to bring additional paperwork in order to rent a vehicle in another country and this paperwork varies depending on where you come from and where you are renting your vehicle. Some countries have reciprocation with others so that you may use your domestic driver’s license in their country while others will require that you get an IDP or International Driving Permit when you lease a vehicle in their country. Since the IDP must be obtained from your home country there is little that you can do when you don’t have this document with you while traveling.

It is also important to recognize that based on the country in which you will be renting an automobile in, the deposits for these automobiles may change tremendously, it is important to educate yourself on exactly what kind of deposit an overseas agency will hold on their rental auto. In addition, it is sensible to inquire as to how tolls are tackled as well. In some countries you can be charged additionally for tolls after you return you’re automobile.

In addition to the paperwork, it is a good idea to find out the laws regarding age restrictions on vehicle rentals from the country that you are visiting. Keep in mind that there are many countries that not only vary the minimum age requirements from 18-25, but several that won’t allow you by law to rent a vehicle if you are over the age of 55, 60, 65 or 70 depending on the location. Many unsuspecting visitors hit these road blocks when they arrive to pick up their vehicle on holiday and are stuck traveling on the public transportation system for the entire length of their visit merely because no one asked them how old they were.

There are many issues to be aware of when renting a vehicle in another country. Make sure that you check and double check the paperwork that you will need. There are many helpful sites online and of course you can double check with the car rental agency as well. Keep in mind that even if you have an IDP you must also carry your actual driver’s license with you as well as both are usually required to rent a vehicle. Be thorough and you will get through your international car rental process without instance.

If you need a affordable Car hire then a nice Car hire Melbourne will be a wonderful choice.

International Car Hire-the Facts You Need To Know

Those who travel around the world may find the need for transportation so they can get around in somewhere new. Automobile rental companies often are located to ensure they are available in areas that help you find a rental. Many of these are easily found and their reputation is based on worldwide usage which ensures that you know the company is reputable. Problems may arise, however, that need attention when you are looking for a rental car wherever you are.

First of all, you will need to make an effort to figure out precisely what items or papers you need in order to rent a vehicle in another country. Often, businesses will to hold your car for you while they process a quote in your home legal tender. As soon as you get to your destination, it is likely you will be charged for your car rental in the currency of the country you are in. To avoid being taken advantage of when you pay you should make your reservation in advance to be sure that you will be getting the best deal. It is possible to be taken advantage and not know that is even happening.

There are a few things that you will need to understand when reserving this car via phone call for later use. The price that they give you is in the currency of the country that you are making the reservation from. When you go to pick up the car the price will be in the same currency that the country you are then in uses. This is just one reason why you need to understand the conversion rate. A simple rate exchange table will help you from getting over charged.

Be careful to look for the best possible location to where you will be arriving. When booking your vehicle rental you will want to let the agent help you determine which location is closer to the airport where you are entering the country. Let them know exactly what airport you will be coming to and they can direct you to the location that is right for you. Online maps can sometimes be deceiving so it is best to have a representative help you.

Finally, be sure to bring all the documents with you that you will need to rent that vehicle. IDP, insurance documents, credit card, regular driver’s license and of course the confirmation receipt for your rental. If you book on the phone they can usually send a receipt to your inbox and this can help provide the car rental agent with the correct information even if there is a language barrier between yourself and them. International rentals through a company that you know and trust can go very smoothly, however it is important that you do your part to ensure that you have exactly what you need for an easy car rental.

Car hire comparison servicebest way to save money

London car hire services comparison needs to be made if you are planning to visit London either for business or for pleasure. There are several airport car hire services in London, each offering unique fleet of cars at competitive price.

A car hire comparison will enable you to shortlist best car rentals London that exactly cater to your need and are available well within your budget. Before you hire a car in London, it is in your interest to conduct an extensive comparison of the different aspects such as fees, the nature of services provided by the car Rental Company, taxes, insurance cover, terms of payments etc. in order to get the best value for your hard earned money.

These services will enable you to compare the rates of over hundreds of car rental suppliers in thousands of locations all over the world. They will compare the rates in the background so the customer chooses from a comprehensive list of cheap rates in London where he or she only needs to choose the favorite car type. With a little research and comparison, you will be able to rent your car and travel around London in style.

The significant aspects of car hire London comparison are that hidden fees can be identified if there are any, time can be saved by looking at the comparison of different car rentals London, work becomes more organized, canceling rental from anywhere is possible, the discounts provided by London car hire services, the lowest price offered, rental insurance given etc. You do not need to browse endless sites and their different web pages, when you can know the best car rental services in a few clicks of a mouse.

The comparison engine will search for the specific information you need from a large number of car rental suppliers and it takes just seconds to provide you a wide range of hires to choose from.

Whether you are looking for a sports utility, a luxury, a standard, or a mini, to explore the vibrant and lively city of London in style, you can get all with the help of advanced search tools. These websites well understand that specific needs of different clients may vary and bearing those aspects in mind, a car rental London comparison helps you find the car you need in just a few seconds. The state-of-the-art search tools enable you to compare airport car hire services along with the features you are looking for in the car such as, if you want a car with air conditioning, child seat, GPS navigation, or for handicapped persons.

Take a couple of minutes off your busy schedule and do a quick search online for car rental comparison websites. Surfing on the internet is an excellent way to compare different rates offered by London car hire services.

London car hire comparison services offer you the chance to choose from large fleet of cars, you can have the exact information that you exactly need. By comparing different car hires at the same time, you will actually get to choose the best deal for you. Not only will you end up saving time and effort, you will end up saving money as well.

Car Rental Tips Look Out For Excess Costs

It it likely that every now and again you will want to rent a car. But unless you are a seasoned road warrior (or even if you are), there are numerous aspects you might not be aware of that can make renting a car less expensive for you, as well as possibly getting you a better car with a potential upgrade.

The very first aspect we should think about is whether or not to accept the insurance they will invariably offer. Numerous car rental companies even attempt to “frighten” you into accepting their insurance with your rental, mentioning how much it will cost you if you are in an accident, even if it’s not your fault. Numerous individuals acquire this insurance out of dread that something may happen, but they clearly have not done adequate homework.

The reality is that you must determine if you would be covered by the car insurance policy that you already have on your own car. Some insurance companies have a common policy where you are indeed covered with the same coverages and deductibles in your rental car. But be sure to check, as some insurance companies have an exception where if you are using the car for business purposes instead of personal reasons, then you are NOT covered.

The other option is that if you are paying for the car with your Visa or MasterCard, depending on which one you have, you might have coverage through Visa or MasterCard. You need to find out the details, because even if they do provide coverage for you, it may have an extremely high deductible or not cover things like theft or fire.

The amount of insurance from the car rental company can be as much as $8 to $12 per day that you have the car, so it can add up quickly.

There are numerous other means to save money with car rentals. Do your research to find out the rates that are being charged for cars. If you plan on doing a lot of driving, make sure that your contract allows unlimited mileage, or that the miles they permit will fall within the amount you plan to do, because the per-mile charges are large.

There is in truth not much savings to be had by booking early, but the situation you may run into is that the car class you want is sold out. A common tactic is to book a compact car because the car rental agencies will routinely offer you an upgrade at a discounted price when you get to the counter, or they may be out of compacts and upgrade you at no additional cost. But ensure you can live with a compact car in case they do not run out and do not offer an upgrade!

For drivers under age 25, costs for rental cars can be rather high but there are some things you can do to minimize the financial trouble of that as well.

To save even more money, check out some of the lesser known car rental companies. Frequently their pricing is better than the well known brand names and they provide extra perks as well, like possibly a GPS included in the car. Don’t pick out your car rental company based on getting additional frequent flyer miles because by and large, there is not even close to an even trade off.

Being smart about your car rental process will save you a lot of money and make the experience that much more enjoyable, and it does not need to cost an arm and a leg! If you are ready to save money on car rentals and find out what options you have for the area you want to visit and need some Car Rental Tips as well as finding a wealth of resources to help you decide what is best for you, please visit our web site at http://carrentalstipsguide.com

car rental Frankfurt Hahn Airport

As the largest city in the state of Hesse in Germany , Frankfurt is a popular and important. It is a large transport hub of the country and the largest financial center in Europe and important. Tourism is something that is constant throughout the year and the local airport, the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN) is one that receives a large number of international traffic. With so many things to see and know is good idea to have transportation ready for your arrival. The car rental company Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has everything you need so you get half safe and cheap transport.

Car Rental Frankfurt-Hahn and your list of attractions in the city

Frankfurt-Hahn is a whirlwind of culture. The city has several museums including the Museum of Regional Art, the Film Museum, the Museum of World Cultures and the Museum of Modern Art. Frankfurt also has outdoor attractions like the Botanical Gardens. One of the best known and the largest in the country is the Palmengarten. The city also supports Spanish culture with the Instituto Cervantes. In education it promotes the culture and language. If you are interested in music and art intone you to visit places like the Frankfurt Opera House, with its orchestra that was recognized as the Orchestra of the Year in 2011, 2010 and 2009. Right next to the Opera Theatre is the theater Schaupiel Frankfurt. The entertainment in the city never ends!

Festivals and celebrations

Frankfurt-Hahn also specializes in festivals and parties. One of the best known and biggest festivals of Germany is held in this city in the last days of August. Museums Festival lasts three days and enjoy more than 3 million visitors. Museums are the attraction of the festival, but also you’ll find craft stalls and music shows. The first year of the Festival of Light was in 2000 and since then every two years the city buildings are lit with beautiful lights. The Frankfurt attractions calendar is always full of events.

A map and your spirit of adventure will take you to unforgettable places

If you are one of visitors who conveniently got a car with car rental Frankfurt-Hahn airport, then you are more than ready to get out and explore. Frankfurt-Hahn has very good location that is everywhere surrounded by charming cities. To the north is Bad Vilbel , can travel eastward to reach Offenbach or Muehlheim . The road will take you south Dreieich and finally to the west you can meet Kelsterbach . Choose your path and get ready for a new adventure.

Your adventure and car rental companies Frankfurt-Hahn

There is no better adventure than it has variety. By including car rental Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (Hahnairportcarrental.com) in your holiday plans, you can be sure that the service will be of very good quality, with prices to suit all budgets. The company will take care of all your needs no matter how specific they are. At the end of the day your family and your wallet will be happy.

Wedding Car Rental Precious Cars For Your Precious Moments

Weddings are the most special day in the lives of many. While others would pay a lot of attention to the flowers, invitations, catering, and gowns, definitely you will also need a car on your special day. A wedding car is not just for transport but it also plays a very essential contribution in the overall motif and appeal of your wedding day.

A wedding car rental is just a click away. You will find comprehensive listings of the best wedding cars online. Such listings include full descriptions of the car you wish to rent, the rental fees, renting policies, and of course images you can check to ensure you will make the right car choice for your wedding.

Top brands that are often rented for weddings are Porsche, Rolls Royce, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Dodge, Jaguar, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, and a lot more. Most prefer luxury and vintage cars on their wedding. These cars include a 1930 Cadillac, an ultrastretched limousine, a 1933 Ford convertible, a 1937 Chevy, a 1936 Austin Litchfield, a 1947 Jaguar, or a 1965 Mustang. All these vintage cars are hot picks on wedding car rentals. Daily rental rate for these vintage cars will cost you not less than $400 per 24 hours. If you wish to extend your rent up to your honeymoon, you can do so. Many availed 3-day wedding car packages, or even for a week for long wedding vacation.

There are extensive varieties of wedding cars that will best suit your need for style and maximum comfort on your wedding day. If your wedding is 1 month from now, you can place your reservations as early as you want to make sure your wedding car will be available on that special day of yours. You can be on your special day riding on a topless classic, get behind of a luxury car that will surely make heads turn, or simply just have a fun and relaxing drive on a Beetle classic.

When choosing the best wedding car on your special day make sure access in to your chosen car is suitable especially for the bride’s gown. You also have to consider the location of the wedding. Are there difficult entrances or very steep hills? If you would like to rent a convertible car, is a hood available in case of a bad weather? Arrive in class and style on your wedding day with a wedding car rental.

For more information on wedding car rental and issues relating to car rentals go to exotic car rental website.

Tips To Keep Rental Car Safe On Roads

If you are planning to get the car for rent in Singapore or Singapore limousine, during your vacations in the country, then you need to know what you have to do to make sure that your car is safe at the roads. It is no doubt important to protect the car you have hired; so to help you out, we have come up with few tips that will make you take care of the car at the road.

Manage hiding or loading stuffs carefully
You ought to be careful with handling the stuffs that you want to hide or load in the trunk. No doubt, you have to hide the valuable items in the trunk, but you have to do this without letting anyone know. So, to avoid showcasing what you are loading or hiding, it is better to do before you reach the destination like parking lots, valet queue, etc. You can manage this before even beginning your trip.

Make wise selection of parking space
Parking space can decide whether your car will be safe or can it would be robbed. You have to make sure that the car you have parked is in sight from different places. Always remember that if the car is out of sight, then it is out of safety. Park the car at places which have maximum foot traffic or eyeball count, so that there are less chances of the car being robbed.

Prefer to self-park
Attendants at the parking lots or at valet parking garages are in most cases trustworthy. Still, you should be careful and do not make it to easy or tempting for them, to steal the car. Therefore, if possible, prefer to park the car on the own.

A neat car have less chances of being robbed:
If you havent stuffed the car with extra towels, clothes, papers etc. then there would be lesser interest of the thief in your car. Try not to attract the interest of the thieves and keep your car neat & clean, otherwise the thief might think that you have tried to hide something with the upholstery.

Be careful when renting the car:
When you rent a car, then you need to be take care of certain points, which are:

It is a good decision to rent a car, which is not so easy to break or expose off. Also, it is better if you pick the car having big trunk, in which you can keep your stuffs carefully & safely.
If your pick is an ordinary & modest model of car, then you would be successful in not attracting the interest of the thief.
Always make sure that you do not leave your rental contract or documents in the car. This document will help you, as it has all the information, you would require if the car is stolen, and it also has the same information, which would help the thief to escape the situation if caught taking your car.

Car Rental Sabah- How to Choose Wisely

A tour in sabah demands proper planning in advance while ensuring booking of accommodation and transportation. With rising airfares and hotel rates, it becomes important to choose car rental services that are affordable as well as reliable.

It is a universally prevailing trend that on holiday seasons fares of everything from airfare, hotel to accommodation rises considerably. Therefore, it is a wise move to make advance booking to save some bucks. There are thousands of service providers of car rental Sabah. However, you cannot choose one picking randomly, as before making any booking you have to assess the credentials of the particular car rental sabah company.

Before making any kind of deal with a car rental service provider, an individual can use web tools to compare prices of different car rentals, but should be conscious enough not to take that as final price, as these tools are not as reliable as their counterparts for hotels and flights. Hence, making deal in person is given higher priority.

Here are some ways of choosing services of tour in sabah wisely:

“‘Book in advance- and often’ is a mantra to follow especially if you require a tour in sabah on peak travel season. Because if you make your booking with a particular travel company often, you get preference even in peak seasons and get good price, which is far reasonable and cheap compared to promotion coupon mail stuffing your email daily. Therefore, the trick is to book early and then recheck the prices and you are going to find a sudden rise of the fares during peak season, which otherwise you made cheap by booking in off season.

“It is advisable to use online tools to compare car fares. Moreover, some websites add maps to locate different tour in sabah services providers, so that you can easily decide how far you want to travel from your hotel to get a car. On the map you can check neighbouring car rental dealers and can decide if it is worth travelling farther from your stay to opt for cheap car rental Sabah.

“One can also consult his/her friends or relatives to get reference of a reliable car hire company. References are worth considering to locate a reliable car rental. Thus, by considering above-mentioned points, you can make a wise selection for a car rental and can make your tour in Sabah a memorable one.